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gameslash's Journal

Slashing our Games with Pride
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If you join this community, you acknowledge that you have read and will follow these rules. Ignorance is not an excuse.

This is a community for game fiction. Anything and everything is allowed, including het and gen; however, I do ask you to put ratings and disclaimers on your fics, and cut long posts and NC-17.

If you do not remember to put a disclaimer on your fic, the first time I will friends-lock it. The second time I will delete it, and the third time you will be kicked from the community. Disclaimers are important, okay?

I plan to keep an archive of the fic in this community, located here. If you do not wish your fic to be on this, please let me know, either by email, comments, or in the header for your fic.

Any questions or comments may be directed towards soleta or anemptymargin.