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shameless self-pimpage!


my name is fu-fu, and i'm a freelance (anime/manga drawing style) artist.
i've also been a member this community for years, if you're wondering :D (i haven't been very talkative, but i'm here and out for all of your posts *thumbsup*)

and the thing is, i'm
(for as little as $3! :3)

i do black-and-white and colored, in either traditional medium or digital CG.
i'll do original characters and fanarts (hunterxhunter, FMA, naruto, Gundam, etc).
most importantly, i'm VERY open to BL and yaoi art. <333

please visit THIS LITTLE PIMP LINK for the details.

fanart, traditional (colored pencils)

fanart, traditional (graphite + ink)

fanart, digital

original, traditional (graphite + ink)

fanart, traditional (watercolor)

sorry for the watermark.
needless to say, but please don't redistribute~ thanks :D

or, go to (THIS FAKE CUT) for the batch zoom-in (600px width).
my deviantArt gallery is also open for MOAR art samples.

go check it out, and PREVENT ONE GUINEA PIG FROM STARVING TO DEATH. (cos really, i'm broke as hell iz not even funny iAi.)

thanks for your time~

[/end of shameless self-pimping]

or, if you don't feel my art style, please consider checking out THIS FRIEND OF MINE. we're pimping our duo of commishes cos we live together aktuli, and as of this time we're living on moldy bread. damn you heavens for inventing bills!! DX and i mean AS BROKE AS HELL LIKE SRSLY. :( basically i'm doing this for food OHNOES TAT
[/REALLY end of all the pimping]

i know the mods have pity for the starving and dying,
and a secret love for pimps (of cute guys, hehe ;P),
so please don't delete this! plsplsplsplsplssplasdasgdhafasdfhka D:

[cross-posted EVERYWHERE like a berserk cross-posting maniac.]
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